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Charmaine Sheh visit Kevin Cheng hotel room

Kevin Cheng Charmaine Sheh

After the TVB Anniversary took place last December, Charmaine Sheh Si Man allegedly flew to Hengdian to visit Kevin Cheng Ka Wing, who was filming Bu Bu Jing Xin "步步驚心". Allegedly, a witness even saw Charmaine entering Kevin’s hotel room , in which female cries were heard inside. Through her actions, it was apparent that Charmaine wanted to be back together with Kevin!

In past interviews, Charmaine spoke about handling love relationships, “I don’t mind whether love relationships are revealed publicly or not.” She also stated, “If a man and woman are not married yet, each person still has their own choice.”

Since Charmaine was filming in Hangzhou last December, she appeared at the nearby Hengdian Studios to visit Kevin Cheng on the set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, she did not mind making such a public gesture in visiting Kevin. A production crew member recounted, “Last December, the entire production crew saw Charmaine Sheh visiting Kevin Cheng on the set. At first, Kevin did not have much of a reaction and did not appear to be especially excited. During lunch break, Charmaine approached Kevin and pulled out a box of dumplings. They sat in a corner by themselves, conversing quietly and laughing loudly!”

After visiting Kevin on the set, Charmaine allegedly visited Kevin’s hotel room later in the evening. A crew member recounted, “At the time, Charmaine was very careful. She looked left and right to make sure no one was there before entering Kevin’s room. I saw her from afar. I quickly walked away since I did not want any embarrassment. Fortunately, she did not see me. I was curious about her visit, so I stood in front of the hotel room door to listen. I heard the sound of a female crying. The entire crew knows that Charmaine is interested in Kevin, but we don’t know why she loves him so much” Since Charmaine took the initiative to visit Kevin and started crying in his room later, it was understandable that Kevin was moved.

Allegedly, Kevin’s co-star, Liu Si Si, was also present when Charmaine visited Kevin on the filming set of Bu Bu Jing Xin. Apparently, Si Si was one of the many female admirers Kevin had on the set. She frequently asked Kevin to accompany her for hotpot dinners. When the press contacted Liu Si Si, she sounded shocked, “Sorry, I can not talk right now!” Apparently, Si Si did not want to be further involved in the love triangle rumors!

In the past, Charmaine openly praised Kevin, “He is very practical and not the type of man who just wants to have fun. He is stable and honest. He has qualities that would make him a good marriage partner.” Romantic rumors between Charmaine and Kevin started in 2007, when they filmed Forensic Heroes II "法證先鋒II" together. Allegedly, Charmaine was spotted entering Kevin’s house in Sai Kung at the time. In 2009, break-up rumors circulated and the press speculated that Charmaine and Kevin broke up because he did not want to openly acknowledge their relationship.

Source: Face Magazine # 193
Translated by: JayneStars

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