Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

Charlene Choi Valentine Day single Sweetest Day

Charlene Choi Sweetest Day

Even though Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) must fly in all directions to give performances, film movies, film advertisements, but Ah Sa non-stop busy in both Hong Kong and Mainland nevertheless shows that the more she works, the more enthusiastic she is. With Valentine's Day approaching, she will specially release a Valentine's Day single "Sweetest Day" CD + DVD on February 10 to sweetly share with fans. In addition to including 2 new songs "Year After Year" and "Adult World" and "Year After Year" MV, it also includes a collection of 15 karaoke MVs including "Simply", "Able to Let Go", "Two Without One" and more from all of Charlene's solo albums, all together celebrating a romantic Valentine's Day with Ah Sa.

The day Ah Sa filmed her "Year After Year" MV, there was a cold weather warning. Even though filming was indoors, she only wore a tube top and thin one-piece dress to photograph the CD cover and film the MV, even lying on the ice-cold floor. Staff members were worried she would catch a cold, but Ah Sa was very professional in front of the cameras and added to the photos' result, taking the intiative to suggest a tube top to go into battle, sexily revealing her shoulder and thin waist. Fully experienced with the latest fashion trends and displaying creativity, she spread the skirt above her head arranging it like a veil. Adding beautiful white lighting, it was a hazy beautiful result, leading the photographer to greatly praise. Ah Sa: "Did not expect the result to come out so well, did not need to be too fancy, simply is already very pretty. Just like the title of the album "Sweetest Day", no matter lover, family member or friend, as long as the other person does something that makes you feel sweet to the heart, it is already a personal "Sweetest Day"."

In the MV filming with a tall male model, there are intimate scenes forehead to forehead and embracing from behind. Originally, the male lead was slightly shy, seeing Ah Sa's performance. However as soon as the director rolled the cameras, he became absorbed in the role. With the director requesting just one take, he managed to cry. Ah Sa expressed: "At the beginning, I was worried meeting for the first time and acting as lovers would be a little stiff. Who knew he said to yell and he yelled, when we were forehead to forehead he made my eyes tear up!" Even though in this MV, Charlene acts as spirit which has already passed away from this world, but Ah Sa said anything goes: "Leaving this world but still affectionate to the other person, 'unfinished human - ghost emotions', is also one type of romantic love, the feeling is even more mournfully beautiful!"

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