Kamis, 03 Februari 2011

Jay Chou Promote The Green Hornet in Beijing

Jay Chou The Green Hornet

"I really do need a girl who would support me," Taiwanese singer Jay Chou said in a recent interview.

The multi-hyphenated Taiwanese was in Beijing to promote his latest film The Green Hornet, when he graciously talked about his love life. Not only did he admit to having some chemistry with Taiwan's top model Lin Chi-ling, he also said that he needed a girl "who would support him".

Jay revealed that he would be performing magic tricks at CCTV Spring Festival Gala. However, he's unclear about the arrangement details as he has not had the chance to rehearse the routine.

When asked who his partner for the magic routine would be, Jay admitted that he has chemistry with Chi-ling and even called the Taiwanese model "the best candidate". The singer added that their height differences was not a problem, and insisted later "we're the same height, really".

Jay took the chance to deny the rumour that his latest love interest is Hong Kong singer Alan Tam's female disciple and stated his criteria for a J Girl (a nickname given to Jay Chou's love interest).

The Taiwanese singer said that the girl "must at least understand my music and we can communicate". He also confessed that he felt lonely because he had been single for a long time now.

"For someone like me, who puts an emphasis on my career, I really need a girl who will support me. I hope there is such a girl, apart from my mother," said Jay.

He added that it did not matter if his girlfriend is from showbiz or not.

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