Senin, 28 Februari 2011

Raymond Lam first outdoor concert at Malaysia

Raymond Lam

The night before, Raymond Lam went to the man made beach in Malaysia to hold his first outdoor concert. Before the show began, it started raining. Fortunately when it was time to begin the show, the heavens went back to being beautiful and the concert was a success. The Malaysia concert is a new arrangement, besides having completely new dance clothing, the songs and the dances were all new arrangements. Although there was no rain during the concert, Raymond was still soaked on stage because of all his sweat. He expressed that first time holding an outdoor concert, it feels completely different. When sweat went down his back, he felt some coolness.

Malaysian fans were very bold and expressed their love to Raymond. Below the stage, they all shouted 'I Love You' and praised their idol to be handsome. Raymond responded: "I love you all too!" He then invited a female fan on stage to duet Lover and Sea, the two appeared very close and the other 'Fung Fans' went crazy. On stage, Raymond appeared extremely passionate with the fans. In order to get closer to fans, he did not care about his own safety, dancing from the 2 meter stage down to the audience. One 'Fung Fan' was able to give him a gift and another fan wouldn't let go of Raymond's hand. Because fans were too energetic and getting too close, Raymond had a painful expression. Later, he was asked if dancing off the 2 meter stage was dangerous? He laughed as he said at the time he was shaking hands with fans and did not think of the safety issue. He hopes that next time he can hold another outdoor concert. Besides Malaysia fans supporting his concert, Hong Kong and Mainland fans also made a special trip to support their idol.

Raymond reveals that his future work is very tight. He will be releasing his Mandarin album in March, and will be going to Taiwan to shoot the MV as well as prepare for the next stop (Singapore) of his Asia tour concert. In July, he will be holding his 3rd HK Coliseum concert.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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