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Charmaine Sheh leave TVB and join Mainland producer

Charmaine Sheh

TVB FaDans are getting fewer and fewer. Charmaine Sheh entered TVB in 1997 and finally decided that she will not renew her contract when it expires in May, breaking the 14 year relationship. Earlier, Charmaine went to Mainland to shoot series and caught the attention of a Mainland producer offering her 15 million yuan for two years. Compared to TVB's HK$20,000 per episode, there is a huge difference. In addition, there are many Mainland rich men that are pursuing her. Having a new place for her career and love life, the 35 year old Charmaine decided to leave her 'maternal home' (TVB) and head north to develop.

It was understood that Charmaine gets paid HK$20,000 per episode in a TVB series, but going up north to shoot a series, she gets a 5 level jump in price, the Chinese yuan is easy to earn. Also, Charmaine's TVB management contract is ending in May and it's of great importance for TVB to convince Charmaine to stay. TVB Executive Virgina Lok already started discussing the contract with Charmaine last October, but unfortunately there was no news that they will take a step forward, so Charmaine was unwilling to sign the contract renewal. Eventually, she ended up losing the TV Queen title to Sheren Tang at the TVB Anniversary Awards.

TVB offers 10 million for 2 years

At an event earlier, Charmaine generously admitted that she and TVB are discussing of a contract renewal and blurted out: "The Mainland market is huge, there is a need of many artists. The salary for shooting Mainland series are also very high." It was said TVB wanted to foster this biological daughter and spared no expense offering her 10 million for a 2 year contract, but this price still differed from the Mainland producer's offer. No wonder Charmaine delayed on picking up the pen to sign the contract.

Faked the injury?

Although TVB tried all they could and offered a generous price to keep Charmaine, she clearly already made her decision, so he suggested some contract conditions that a basically hard for TVB to accept, then TVB can back up. Charmaine is not afraid of losing TVB, last month she borrowed her arm injury to withdraw from Miu Siu Ching's Forensic Heroes III. Charmaine said herself she need a break for 6 weeks for medical treatment and was afraid to hold up the filming schedule, so she withdrew. However, earlier when Charmaine was out on the streets, her left arm seem pretty flexible and really was not as serious as she described. For this reason, rumors started that she didn't want to shoot the series, so she faked her injury.

Initially When Heaven Burns was scheduled to release in April, but it was recently taken out of the schedule and replaced with Michael Tse's Relic of an Emissary.

Besides the money, Charmaine also hopes to find her Mr. Right soon. In fact, she currently has many rich men from Mainland pursuing her. Until now, she still have not chosen one. Since there are new developments in both her career and love life, so she decided to give it a try.

The day before over the phone, Virgina Lok responded: "We are really still discussing. She suggested some conditions, we are considering it." Yesterday reporters contacted Charmaine to confirm, but she has not responded.

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