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Isabella Leong break up with Billionaire Richard Li

Isabella Leong

There was big news yesterday Isabella Leong herself announced to the media that she and partner and millionaire Richard Li, youngest son of entrepreneur Li Ka Shing, have split up. She revealed: “For 2011, I will be starting over a new page in my life. Richard Li and I have split up. We have had wonderful memories of our times together. We plan to bring up our children together. Hoping they will grow up happily and in good health. We also hope to have less media pressure and to live our lives in peace.”

The news of the split has shaken the HK showbiz world. The relationship between Isabella and Richard was one of true love and rocked everybody of admiration and envy. The rich bachelor first met Isabella at the film set of ‘The Mummy 3’ and was introduced by Michelle Yeoh. The two got on like a house on fire and had a 8 year relationship which was not revealed till after Isabella’s court case with her record company EEG.

EEG filed a lawsuit against Isabella over the breaking of her 10 year contract. At the end, Isabella had an out of court settlement and managed to break out of her contract and freeing Isabella to pursue her own career.

Richard Li has always wanted to remain a low profile about his private life and in April 2009, he surprisingly revealed that Isabella gave birth to their eldest son in Canada. Li Ka Shing gave his grandson the name Li Cheung Chi. Last June, Isabella gave birth again to twin boys and the media was concern that Isabella was the future daughter in law to the famous Li family. However Richard and Isabella’s relationship was not all smooth sailing. The ‘photograph on Facebook’ incident caused dissatisfaction among the Li family. Isabella had uploaded some private photographs of herself and her sons on Facebook for family and friends to admire. The media also reported on the photographs and made it public knowledge about Isabella’s happiness on family life. This led to the Li family being in the limelight and was disapproved by Richard and his family.

More problems arose when there were rumours that Isabella’s life in Canada was more vibrant than the average girl. It was alleged that she met up with a tall guy and stayed overnight at a hotel. The couple tried to dissolve their problems and misunderstandings but to no prevail. Also, it was reported that Li Ki Shing had built a mansion in Deep Water Bay and planned to leave the whole of the 4th floor for Richard and his family. It was also reported that Richard started moving furniture into this unit but denied arranging Isabella will be staying here, this news surprised the media.
The split of Richard and Isabella seems like a done deed. The problem for the two at the moment is the future of their 3 sons. There is speculation that their sons will reside with Richard and he will be the main guardian, however, Richard has yet to publicly respond on this. Also news had it that Isabella wants custody of their 3 sons for a sum of 30 million HK dollars.

Richard Li Tzai Kai mini profile
Date of Birth: 8th November 1966 (Age 44)
Born in Hong Kong
Family background: Billionnaire Li Ka Shing's youngest son, not married, has 3 sons By Isabella Leong (Ethan, H & N)
Career: Chairman of PCCW

Isabella Leong Lok Sze mini profile
Date of Birth: 23rd June 1988 (Age 23)
Born in Macau
Family background: Father passed away not long after Isabella was born. Have mother and elder sister, not married but had 3 sons with Richard Li.
Career: Signed up with EEG at the age of 12, released debut album at 16. Started acting around 2004 including The Mummy 3 in 2008

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

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