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Show Luo selling tickets for new album The One and Only

Show Luo The One and Only

Show Luo announced yesterday that pre-order tickets are now selling for both his new album "The One and Only" and corresponding tour "舞法舞天” (a play on the idiom "no respect for law and order"), which begins March 19 in Taichung. According to Show, the concert contains 80% brand new material and 5 costumes changes. He apologized to his fans, saying "sorry for making you spend so much money." However, he invited 60 patients from the New Dawn Educare Center (for children with intellectual disabilities) to watch his concert for free.

On the concert poster, Show dons a set of crystal armor that is worth 30 million NT and a lion-shaped helmet that weighs 20 kg. In opportunities in business and relationships, Show asserts that he is like a lion, waiting until the opportune moment to "pounce" on his prey. "Especially in relationships," Show says, "there needs to be that 'spark'. So if I see a girl and she doesn't bring out my 'silk worm', then there is no chemistry." However, he admits that no girl has made him feel that way for a while.

Last year was a highly successful year for Show as his last album, "Rashomon", was the top-selling album of the year. Show and his staff joked that it created too much pressure on him to release another album to follow that one. He still remembers how only 400 people came to the fan-signing of his very first album, 700 for the second one, 1000 for the third one, until finally now autograph signing will draw out tens of thousands of screaming fans. Luckily, Show will be able to take a well-deserved break over Chinese New Year. Where will he go? "I've already reserved us tickets-anywhere my mother wants to go, that's where we'll be."

Source: UDN (news), ChinaYES (photo)
Written by: alee @ CpopAccess.com

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