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Donnie Yen and Joey Yung send Chinese New Year greetings

Donnie Yen Joey Yung

The year of the Rabbit is here! 'Strongest in Film' Donnie Yen and 'Strongest in Music' Joey Yung wishes everyone an upward movement! Both promises to continue their hard work in the music and film scene, bringing more entertainment to audience!

On the strongest first day of Chinese New Year, Donnie Yen and Joey Yung sends new year greetings, wishing everyone 'Everything goes smoothly, strong in everything." They also mutually praised one another. Donnie praised that Joey not only knows how to sing, but she can act too: "I have seen her acting before, very natural! Actually I can sing too, one time I sang Jacky Cheung's Goodbye Love to my wife! (It's a sad song!) I sang it with smiles!" Joey also expressed that she will buy tickets to watch Donnie's films: "The most memorable one was Ip Man, he was such a good fighter! (Are you going to be a female fighter?) Not really."

Donnie had a prosperous year of the Tiger, the 3 films he starred in Ip Man 2, The Legend of Chen Zhen and 14 Blades got nearly 50 million in the box office in Hong Kong and Mainland. Born on the year of the rabbit, this year Donnie will have 3 films go on the big screen, asked if h has confidence to break a record? He said: "Of course the more the better! I want to portray different types of roles, continuing to improve, so audience can have a good time watching. (Get Film King too?) If so, of course it's good!"

It was rumored that his wife (Cecilia Wang) is pregnant. Although both denied to the rumors. His wife expressed that she hopes to have a daughter, Donnie said: "Twins! Awesome! Have one birthday party to celebrate all at once!" When the couple spoke about their 3 year old son (James), they appeared very sweet and praised their son to have talent in martial arts! Cecilia said: "After he watched Mulan, he was tossing his hands and feet, so I am not going to allow him to watch action films, including Donnie's films. However, one time he was pretending to train on stakes, his moves were just like real Kung Fu, just like his dad!"

The Music Scene has to be in Harmony

As for Pop Queen Joey Yung, she became the Queen of Awards earlier this year and broke the record for JSG's "Most Popular Female Singer" award, getting it for the 6th time. Although the music awards have come to an end, the royalty issues still have not been resolved. Joey wholeheartly hoped that everyone can make a better music scene together. She also enjoyed Rice Ball Soup (Tong Yuen), meaning everyone in harmony: "Eating one rice ball, everyone will reunite, don't fall apart. The music scene is a large-scale party, have to put all the negative feelings at the end of the water, this is a problem for 'big people', what's most important is to think in the perspective of audience and music fans. (Help?) I don't have much ability to, but I will try my best to help in my own context. Have to let everyone understand that the music scene is very important, don't cause chaos and let it fall apart."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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