Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Sexy Model Amber Ann released MV Love To Help Society

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<br />The highly popular Taiwanese otaku goddess <a href=Amber Ann, famous for her various modeling roles and active television appearances, is forging ahead with her rookie music career with the release of her latest MV for 戀愛應援團 (Love to Help Society), the latest track off of her debut album. The song for Amber’s latest MV is a youthful and energetic song that that produced and choreographed by veteran entertainment industry personnel to help the aspiring model-turned-singer.

Shooting for Amber’s latest MV took place throughout various locations of a school campus in a single day spanning from five in the morning to midnight. As Amber was moving around the campus for the MV shoot, she commented on the nostalgia of being in a school environment by saying, “When I was a child, I used to think these school desks and chairs were so massive and heavy, but I now discovered that they’re so much smaller that I can lie down on top of five of them. I really did grow up.”

The MV’s director picked a dodgeball theme for the MV that pitted guys versus girls in a friendly match as a backdrop for the song’s focus on falling in love. The Taiwanese celebrity remarked that she was afraid of getting hit from the ball due to her memories back during her school days when getting hit was painful, but she felt more at ease during when she found out that the balls used in the shoot were of the softer variety.

Throughout the shooting of the MV, Amber was asked to dress in a variety of revealing clothing such as short shorts to show off her legs. In one scene though where the otaku goddess was asked to wear a bikini top without a supporting pin during a group dance, she expressed not only how she felt awkward in wearing it in a scene alongside many people, but also how she was afraid that the bikini top would slide off during the dancing routine. But the crew was able to convince Amber to go along with the bikini dance scene when a colleague asked for an example of what other celebrity previously did a bikini dance, which one of the dancers responded by saying Lady Gaga. In addition, Amber commented that she felt that the entire crew on set were professional, so she was able to happily dance during the group dance scene and forgot all about feeling awkward.

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