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Yao Yuan Hao is getting closer with Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang

Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang was spotted in Kending, Taiwan with actor Yao Yuan Hao on Jul 31, fueling speculations that the pair was seeing each other.

However, both Cyndi and Yuan Hao have denied the rumour. Yuan Hao said that he had decided to meet Cyndi, after the latter updated her Facebook, saying she was in the area.

On Aug 14, a member of the public tipped off the media again, claiming that Cyndi and Yuan Hao were spotted together at a prawn fishing club in Tamshui District. When reporters arrived at the place, the pair was nowhere in sight.

Workers at the prawn fishing club let on that the couple had left less than 15 minutes earlier.

When reporters probed the club owner, he first admitted to seeing the pair there, before changing his mind later, saying that he "did not know".

The owner later revealed, "Cyndi didn't come but Sonia Sui did (Yuan Hao's ex-girlfriend)."

Upon hearing their boss's reply, the workers became careful with their words. The man changed his statement again and said, "A-Pang and his friends were here earlier."

The club owner's shifty answers made it seemed like Cyndi and Yuan Hao were both at the club.

Yesterday, the pair clarified through their management agencies that they are "just friends and had went prawn fishing with six other friends".

Yuan Hao is known to go prawn fishing with his friends from showbiz.

"His schedule was cancelled that day. A friend happened to ask him to go prawn fishing. Yuan Hao and Cyndi are just friends," the actor's management agency said.

Cyndi's manager also expressed that the singer was "out with her friends, who are not from showbiz". She added that Cyndi and Yuan Hao have mutual friends and it was normal for them to meet.

According to Cyndi's friend, the singer had decided not to date anyone from showbiz after what happened with actor Wing Fan. Wing had posted several intimate photos taken when they were dating.

Cyndi's friends had been introducing her men outside of showbiz. It was speculated that Cyndi must have gone to the club to meet the person when she ran into Yuan Hao.

The friend added that it is impossible for Cyndi and Yuan Hao to have feelings for each other, since they had already known each other for 10 years.


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