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Fala Chen and Yuang Cheung in series Lives of Omission

Fala Chen and Yuang Cheung

TVB fadan Fala Chen (陳法拉) and newcomer Yuang Cheung (章宇昂) collaborated on a new series for the first time. Fala honestly said that she was deeply attracted to Yuang Cheung’s dancing scene and remarked that this incurred their co-star ‘Dancing King’ Michael Tse’s (謝天華) jealousy. Yuang Cheung who was acting as a villain for the very first time in Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊> was not afraid of leaving a bad impression on viewers and even professed that he hoped to take on more different roles as a challenge to himself.

Fala Chen, who was not familiar with Cantonese language when she first stepped into the industry, got along especially with TVB newcomer Yuang Cheung as they both had the same language-barrier problem initially and had grown up overseas.

New drama, Lives of Omission, marked the first collaboration between Fala and Yuang. Fala even expressed that she was attracted to one of Yuang’s dancing scene in Lives of Omission, “That scene left me feeling surprised. I felt that his preparation and development of character were all good. It (the dancing scene) was so good that Michael and Damien Lau (劉松仁) both gathered to watch. Michael even said that he almost couldn’t stand it any longer and wanted to join in.

If Yuang Cheung didn’t have the capability then he wouldn’t had been able to “agitate” Michael lahs!”

Lucky Enough To Receive Guidance From Seniors

To a newcomer, when filming, the camera’s shooting position, technique of saying dialogues, acting skills and etc has to be learned. Yuang Cheung professed that he was lucky enough to receive guidance from seniors during filming. However, aside from skills on how to film, senior Fala Chen also helped him improve in his Cantonese. Yuang Cheung declared, “I know Fala’s Cantonese wasn’t that good when she first stepped into this industry. Fala urged me to practice more as it wasn’t good to replace with English words when speaking. However, it is much easier when both of us communicate as we both understand what the other party is talking about.”

Unafraid To Act As A Bad Guy

Besides that, Fala also “showed” Yuang the path, informing Yuang of the “rules” one had to obey as a newcomer. As a newcomer in the past, Fala informed Yuang Cheung that one has to rely on his accumulated experience along the way. When acting, one has to know how to keep and release his emotions naturally, to let his character’s realistic personality come out. He must be bold to experiment and cannot be shy.

Acting as a villain in the new drama, Yuang Cheung proclaimed that he was unafraid of leaving audiences with a bad impression, “Well, so long as everyone knows that I’m not as bad in real life. If I only portray as per what my character thinks (and not actually doing those evil things in reality) then I think it should be alright. I will probably be acting something else the next time ’round and hope to have the opportunity to experiment with more different roles in the future.”

Side Note:
Ah K: In case some of you might not know, Yuang Cheung (章宇昂) is the younger brother of Kenny Bee’s notorious ex-wife Teresa Cheung (章小蕙). He has acted before in Dropping by Cloud Nine <你们我们他们> opposite Stephanie Ho. Some background scoop on Yuang Cheung is that unlike Fala who hailed from America, Yuang Cheung came from Canada and is a linguist who speaks English, Chinese, Japanese and French. He entered TVB without his family’s knowledge and did not contact Teresa. There have been rumors that Teresa and Yuang Cheung are half-siblings but unconfirmed as of date.

Translated by: Ah K @ JayneStars

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