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Cyndi Wang rumoured dating with actor Yao Yuan Hao

Cyndi Wang

On Jul 31, a member of the public reportedly saw singer Cyndi Wang and model-turned-actress Sonia Sui's ex-boyfriend and actor Yao Yuan Hao in Kenting, Taiwan.

According to him, Cyndi was sunbathing with Yuan Hao's friend on the beach initially. When they realised they were being photographed, Cyndi and friend immediately met up with the actor and hid in their car.

Just when everyone thought they would leave, Yuan Hao left the car and hit the beach in his surfwear.

It is believed that Cyndi and Yuan Hao became close friends after the former attended events organised by Yuan Hao's management agency. Cyndi's best friend Momo Chu is also signed under the same company.

Responding to the reports, Cyndi and Yuan Hao expressed that they met in Kenting because Yuan Hao used his time off work to surf and Cyndi was there with her family. The singer also informed her fans that she was in Kenting through her Facebook page.

If she was with her family, why were there only photographs of Cyndi, Yuan Hao and his friend?

"Cyndi was there with her cousin, his wife and their children. Her cousin-in-law did not want to get tanned, so they decided to shop instead," Cyndi's manager explained.

Is there a possibility for their relationship to develop further?

"We've already known each other for over a decade. If we wanted to be together, we would've done so years ago," the pair replied via their managers.

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