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Ariel Lin and Chen Bolin promote drama In Time With You

Ariel Lin

The cast and crew of “In Time With You,” an idol drama that will soon start showing in Taiwan, arrived on Aug. 18 in Singapore for location shooting. The team yesterday (Aug. 19) held a press conference at the Marina Bay Sands, kicking off it’s first wave of publicity.

During the presscon, aside from lead actors Ariel Lin, Chen Bolin, Sunny Wang and Chen Kuang-yi, special guests stars Joanne Tseng, Jessica Liu and Malaysian singer Fang Jiong Bin were also present.

Director Winnie Chu said he had traveled to Guam, Hong Kong and China, but finally decided on Singapore to shoot some scenes.

He explained: “Singapore gives a me a passionate, warm feeling, as well as a very modern feel. Because of the different races [living here], there’s this feeling of closeness. And it’s very orderly here.”

The crew also revealed that every time Winnie shot a scene, he would look at the screen and exclaim “Singapore is so beautiful! We were right to come here.”

Ariel talks about what she thinks is a ‘good man’
Ariel, who hasn’t done an idol drama in three years, is meeting her fans again with her comeback drama “In Time With You.”

In the drama, Ariel plays a woman who had just turned 30, Cheng You Qing. Because of her bet with her good friend for 14 years, Li Da Ren (Chen Bolin) – that whoever gets married first before they turn 35 will get a “hongbao” (red envelope, cash gift) of NT$100,000 (about US$3,500) – You Qing has started looking for a prospective marriage partner.

Having known each other for seven years and worked together in three dramas, Winnie and Ariel are like family.

At the press conference, Winnie loudly praised Ariel, saying that aside from being an actress that he trusts [feels comfortable with, need not worry about], she is also a very intelligent and mature woman. At the same time, Ariel is very good at using her experience in life and making it a part of her performance.

During the interview, Ariel said she chose “In Time With You” because You Qing’s situation is very similar to where she is at this stage in life. However, she humorously stressed: "I am not yet 30 oh!”

You Qing had a target of getting married at “28,” does Ariel also have a similar goal?

She paused for a moment and then said: “ I haven’t set a target age for getting married, but [marriage is something that will happen] sooner or later. Just let nature take its course! I’m not used to sharing [my feelings].”

When asked what kind of man does she consider to be a “good man,” she said without hesitation, someone who shares her interests, who has a goal in life would be considered a good man.

She then added: "Our interests need not be all the same, but he should be able to make you wholly a part of his life, like his friends, family and things that he often does.”

While Ariel is very protective about her love life, when she answers questions about it, one couldn’t help but see the happiness and joy on her face.

Sunny falls in love with acting
Sunny first got known as the rumored boyfriend of Elva Hsiao. This is the first time he’s doing an idol drama and he said he felt lucky that he’s doing with veterans like Ariel and Bolin.

In the drama, Sunny planys Ding Li Wei, Cheng You Qing’s former boyfriend and Li Da Ren’s romantic rival.

Asked about the most memorable scene he’s done, Sunny said: “The first one we filmed, because I hit Chen Bolin [in that scene]”

This being his first drama, Sunny has learned a lot, such as when shooting a scene, one has to be conscious of the different camera angles and shots. He added that Ariel and Bolin had helped him so much and were very good at helping him get into character.

There’s always a first time, and after this first experience, Sunny said: "I love acting.” [he spoke in English]

As such, he hopes viewers can see his potential, giving him more opportunities to act.

How would the director rate Sunny’s acting?

Winnie said: “He has this kind of fatal attraction. His acting is very relaxed. There was this 5-minute scene which we shot three times, but in the end, I think we still chose the second one? At the time, I felt that he has graduated from one level into another.”

Such high praise from the director, an affirmation of Sunny’s acting.

Chen Kuang-yi is a born actress
A graduate of National Taiwan University, Chen Kuang-yi is quiet and looks more like the scholarly type – an intelligent beauty. This is her first time to act and she’s already won the role of the second female lead.

In the drama, she plays Maggie who likes Da Ren and views him as a marriage target. Chen said Maggie is more lively and pro-active in pursuing guys – her personality is quite different from hers.

She said: "To prepare for this drama, I had to look for something that I and my character share.”

At first glance, Chen looks like Vivian Chow. Chen said, people had said the same thing when she was a kid but she didn’t really give it much thought. She only took notice when she entered the entertainment industry.

What’s more, Chen and Vivian even share the same birthday!

"Little Vivian," this moniker, does Chen feel pressured?

Chen said: “She’s an actress that I admire, so the pressure is intense. But I hope I can come into my own.”

Chen and Sunny are alike, both are acting newbies. Winnie said Chen’s a natural-born actress. She just had to do 60%, but already gives off that 100% feeling.

“In Time With You” will be shown every Saturday starting on Sept. 24, 8p.m., be "I may not love you" from September 24 onwards, every Saturday at 8 pm, on Xing He Shi Jie Channel 825.

Source: xin.msn
Translated by btzigane @ http://asianfanatics.net

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