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Jay Chou Concert in Malaysia LOUD Music Festival 2011

Jay Chou
Asian superstar Jay Chou is not superstitious. Together with Taiwanese band Sodagreen, female vocalists Landy Wen and Cindy Yen, Jay was in Malaysia over the weekends for the LOUD Music Festival 2011.

Opening the festival was Sodagreen. Tsing-fung, the main vocalist, revealed that the group had been eating non-stop since they arrived in Malaysia because the food was too delicious to resist. He added that their target was to gain 3kg each before returning to Taiwan.

For her performance, Landy --decked in a sexy white outfit -- danced with two female dancers on a table. The singer later proudly declared, "I don't think there are many out there who can dance on a table as stable as I can!"

Jul 31 also marked the start of the Hungry Ghost Festival. While most would shun away from doing anything that is taboo during this period, Jay, the last performer of the night, jumped out of a coffin during his first act, driving the crowd wild.

When he sang 'The Last Battle', the witty Jay changed the lyrics into "Thank you for your support in the last 10 years. Will you continue to support me in the next 10 years?"

Later, Jay included a short beat-boxing performance when he sang 'Chinese Porcelain'. The singer once again changed the lyrics to his song, jokingly reminded his fans, "Will those sitting at the top try not to fall asleep?"

During the encore, Jay and Landy sang their hit duet 'Rooftop', sending the concert to yet another climax.

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