Kamis, 25 Agustus 2011

Roy Qiu and Alice Ke in drama Office Girls

Roy Qiu and Alice Ke

SETTV/TTV’s “Office Girls” premiered last Sunday with an average rating of 2.78%, reaching 4.25% among the female working class group. The series won its time slot and the cast including Roy Qiu, Alice Ke, James Wen, Tia Li and others celebrated; they each wrote their wishes on wishing cards and fought to hang them on the tree first. Roy Qiu, who is in a leading role for the first time, was waving some scallions (青蔥 Qing 'Cong') around in excitement, which signified ratings soaring high (向上衝 Xiang Shang 'Chong').

After the first episode, the most talked about among netizens was actually Roy Qiu; some praised, “He’s just like Kimura Takuya with his rough personality accompanied with his good looks.” Viewers also praised Roy’s comedic talent; the scene where Roy’s credit card didn’t work when he wanted to pay for dinner raked in high ratings of 3.78%. In regards to recent rumors of Roy having gone under the knife, he denied the claims, “I’m an athletic person. I don’t do girlie things.”

Although “Office Girls” came on top, second place drama “Love Keeps Going” (Mei Le, Go) was only 0.39% behind. The producer of “Love” pointed out, “We won for the age groups from 4-14 and 15-24, which is the most prominent demographic for idol dramas. I’m confident that the placement in ratings will be shuffled next week.”

Source: UDN

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