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Sharon Chan as leading role in series Schemes of East and West

Sharon Chan
Accused of being in the 'Stephen Party', TVB FaDans Sharon Chan and Fala Chen took part in the costume fitting for new series Schemes of East and West with Roger Kwok. Sharon was asked if its because she's Stephen Chan's favorite that she got the opportunity to take on the leading role? Sharon said: "Not related, this series was set several months ago. (Are you a loyal member of the 'Stephen Party'?) He is a good boss, friend and my mentor. He taught me how to be a host. We aren't in any party, just being ourselves." As part of the 'Stephen Party', Sharon sweet talked and thanked Virgina Lok for helping her fight for the opportunity to portray this role. When speaking of it being a benefit to her, now that Stephen is back in TVB? She said: "Didn't think about that. I am already thankful that he's fine. I was worried for a long time because before I was a 'witness' and it wasn't convenient for me to say too much. Now it's a sign of relief. I have SMS him and he replied that everything is going well."

As for Fala, she plays Chung Mo Yim. She expressed she has been mindful of Stephen's return, asked if she's part of the 'Stephen Party'? She joked: "Before they said I was part of the Tsang Jeh party (Catherine Tsang), then the Miss Lok party (Virgina Lok), I have been in all of the parties except for the villain party." Roger Kwok said he congratulates Stephen having new hopes after a disastrous period. He said: "We were familiar for a period before, but later I had to look after my son and shoot in Mainland, so we didn't keep in touch as much."

Also, yesterday Fala started shooting outdoor scenes for the new series and coincidentally encountered Film King Chow Yun Fat, who had paid attention to her performances before. Fala was jumping in joy when she saw him and asked for a photo together to post on Weibo. She wrote: "Fat Gor stood behind me and watched me perform. I worked hard trying to concentrate, aiya, so pressuring!" Koni Lui also got to take a photo with Chow Yun Fat.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU Forum

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