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Takeshi Kaneshiro dating with a mysterious girl

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Was it a ruse when actor Takeshi Kaneshiro claimed that he is single a few months ago?

Takeshi had always kept a low profile when it came to his love life. However, the heartthrob was spotted with a girl two days ago, fuelling speculations that he is currently dating.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Takeshi had taken a flight from Hong Kong back to Taiwan with his manager on June 23. After he touched down, he was seen heading towards a high-end apartment near the Taiwanese Palace Museum.

The actor reportedly did not leave the apartment for the next three days. On June 24, a girl was spotted entering the residence holding a bag of fast food.

Takeshi was finally seen leaving the apartment on June 26 with the mysterious girl. While Takeshi waited in the car, the girl went to get food.

When reporters approached the girl for an interview, she immediately covered her mouth and avoided the camera. In a surprise gesture, Takeshi helped to block her from the camera. The pair did not respond to any questions asked.

A reporter later noticed that the girl was wearing a ring, which resembled the one Takeshi wore when he promoted Red Cliff in 2009. This fuelled rumours that the pair was seeing each other.

Responding to the rumour, Takeshi's manager agitatedly said, "This is impossible! Definitely impossible! This is so absurd! I'm angry!"

She emphasised that Takeshi is currently single and that the girl was just a friend. The manager also threatened to take legal action if necessary.


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