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Nicholas Tse and Charlene Choi in comedy film Treasure Inn

Nicholas Tse Treasure Inn

Summer 2011's hilarious martial arts comedy "Treasure Inn" released in theatres nationwide on June 28. During the movie's opening day, "Treasure Inn" screened with audiences appearing full-house in theatres all over. The results of the opening day broke over 10 million RMB, placing it first place at the daily box office nationwide, powerfully and rapidly. Regarding this, director Wong Jing expressed: "Nowadays, I live in Beijing for the majority of the year, I can be considered to be a half-Mainlander. Regarding what kind of comedy Mainland viewers want to watch, I have already done a lot of research. This time when I filmed "Treasure Inn", I aimed it towards the comedy preferences of Mainland viewers, specially planning many jokes for them suitable for all ages. Looking at the current result, it is already a more satisfactory and successful production. I hope "Treasure Inn" will be able to achieve the desired box office results."

Wong Jing comedies suitable for the summer time

Wong Jing and Corey Yuen once again join hands, directing Nicholas Tse and Nick Cheung, two large movie kings, as well as Charlene Choi, Huang Yi, David Tong, Liu Yang, Pan Shuang Shuang and more, joining together a group of strong film stars. In addition with hilarious comedy, "Treasure Inn" which officially released on June 28 has been met with much interest and attention by every large cinema for a long time. Competition at the end of June is intense with many films "targeting" this movie release schedule. But from a cinema perspective, what is most capable of attracting the interest of viewers during this period are comedies which successfully target viewers' "appetite." Bona Film Group expressed: "Cinemas all strongly support this film. Within "Treasure Inn", there is a group of hot news celebrities, what is most important is that it is a film which has the audience not wracking their brains, a Wong Jing comedy where you will feel relaxed after watching it. According to our past experiences, this type of movie is most suitable to be released during the summer time. As long as it posses a definite production quality, there is no big issue with attracting viewers to movie theatres. Observing from the current perspective, the box office for "Treasure Inn" during this time should be good."

Exceeding expectations, viewers praise the humor

After a questionnaire completed by viewers yesterday, the majority of viewers believe that "Treasure Inn" is a good comedy film which is capable of making people laugh without restraint. Viewers also praised that they have watched many Wong Jing movies and there have been both good and bad productions in recent years; yet "Treasure Inn" in fact greatly exceeded expectations, even labeling it as "relaxed and fresh entertainment."

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