Senin, 11 Juli 2011

Ady An and Joe Chen new drama Xiao Xiang Beautiful Life

Ady An

Taiwanese idols’ prices go up once they go overseas. Rumors say that Joe Chen Qiao-En and Ady An pocket $170,000 and $180,000 RMB per episode (~$800,000 TWD). Therefore, although SETTV’s upcoming drama, “小襄的美麗人生” (Xiao Xiang’s Beautiful Life), was originally considering one of the two stars as its lead, they decided to have Janine Chang take the role in the end.

From the same production crew as “Love You”, the drama has already stirred up a lot of attention on the web. The network’s executive VP Su Li-Mei stated that Ariel Lin was her ideal Xiao Xiang, which led to a war of words between Ariel and Joe fans. Nonetheless, it will be Janine and Peter Ho to star in the new drama.

Drama production director Liu Si-Ming denied rumors of having contacted Ariel and Joe previously, “It was only an online discussion, and no contact was made. After the script was done, we felt that Janine suited the role better. Her schedule is also accomadating and we have no issues with her pay.” Liu Si-Ming pointed out that the production cost for filming dramas in Taiwan is much different than in the mainland. Thus, the actors/actresses’ asking price would be different. However, Liu Si-Ming does not feel that it’s wrong for actors/actresses to be asking for high prices, “This is a free market. The more expensive the actor’s pay is, it means the bigger the market is. We should work even harder to push the industry forward.”

Source: UDN

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