Senin, 11 Juli 2011

JJ Lin secretly dating with Weng Tzy Mann

JJ Lin and Weng Tzy Mann

The newly single singer is rumoured to be dating a Taiwanese host

Are they just friends or more than that?

After his break up with model girlfriend Lillian Chen in March, JJ Lin, 30, has reportedly taken a liking to one of Taiwan's most beautiful host Weng Tzymann, and they have been seeing each another secretly for the past three months.

On July 3, the pair was photographed leaving a KTV together, but in response to this, both emphasised that they are just friends and that they were not alone that evening.

JJ and Tzymann were believed to have met at the 2010 Most Searched Award when they were invited to be the presenters for the ceremony.

The pair reportedly hit off and had exchanged contact numbers then.

Ever since JJ broke up with Lilian in March, the two began hanging out more often, and in April, they were seen going to the movies together in Taipei.

However, both denied the allegations and emphasised that they are just friends.


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