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Myolie Wu and Selena Li in series Endless Exchange of Enjoyment

Myolie Wu and Selena Li

In new comedy series Endless Exchange of Enjoyment, Myolie Wu plays a young housewife who turns into a billionaire's daughter-in-law. In the modern day, many Hong Kong girls wants to marry into a wealthy family. In the series, Myolie's character can finally enjoy the life of a rich wife. The story is about Myolie and Selena Li exchanging lives through a magical website, which causes a lot of problems. In order to steal her husband back, she goes from the first wife to the third party and many interesting things happen.

There are many different websites on the internet, what's popular is exchange of items. Producer Lam Chi Wah used this to outline a story and start new series Endless Exchange of Enjoyment. The series is a lighthearted story about life views. Myolie and Selena were initially people from different worlds, one is a beautiful housewife, while the other is a billionaire's daughter-in-law, but after their identity switches, Johnson Lee foolishly slept with Selena. However, Selena enjoyed being a young housewife, and was unwilling to switch back with Myolie. To seduce her husband (Johnson), she does not hesitate to turn from the first wife to the third party, forcing the honest and considerate Johnson to have an affair.

Asked if Myolie wants to be a billionaire's daughter-in-law in real life? She smiled: "I never been one, so I don't know. However, being able to go shopping and swipe the credit card unlimited times is pretty enjoyable. Although it's good to have a stress free life, but rich people have their own worries, each family is different. If I like children, and willing to be a housewife, then that's fine too. The life of marrying into a rich family, supporting husband and raising children is not right for me because I am a workaholic. Without work, I'm afraid I'll get bored."

- Selena Li plays the billionaire's daughter-in-law, but after she exchanges lives with Myolie, she enjoys being a housewife.
- Johnson Lee is both Myolie and Selena's husband.
- Vincent Wong plays the rich man, using Selena Li.

Source: HK Headline
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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