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Shirley Yeung break up with boyfriend Gregory Lee

Shirley Yeung

Shirley Yeung, who had been dating for 9 years, announced her breakup with boyfriend Gregory Lee a few days ago. Since the announcement, besides having to accept losing his most beloved, Gregory also has to bear the 'man cannot accept' reason. It is obvious that he's feeling very down now. It was said that aside from Gregory's family worrying about him, his friends are also feeling pity for him. According to an insider, on the day of the breakup, Shirley cried expressing she is "pregnant" to the insider and Gregory was informed. However, Shirley still insisted that she wanted to breakup. At the time, Gregory was in deep sorrow, but still attempted to rescue the nearly 10 year relationship. Unfortunately, Shirley stood in a firm position.

Regarding the news exposed by the insider, [Oriental Daily] contacted Gregory to confirm. He frankly said Shirley used 'pregnancy' as a reason for the breakup: "Shirley did say she was 'pregnant', but it's me that doesn't believe it." When reporters contacted Shirley to confirm, her first reaction was: "Where did you all hear this news? Why is it rumored like that? But I have nothing to say." Until yesterday, Shirley still did not admit nor deny to the pregnancy rumors. She expressed her blessings to Gregory: "I have been with Gregory for a long time, he is a very good man. We are still friends after the breakup, I wish him forever happiness."

Besides the strange "pregnancy" rumor that we cannot tell if it's true or false, Shirley's decision to breakup with Gregory is another huge question mark. According to Gregory's older twin brother Augustine Lee, yesterday morning when he was chatting all night with Gregory, Shirley suddenly sent him a SMS: "I still really love you, miss you a lot." As we can see, Shirley is contradicting herself. Augustine expressed: "I don't know what attitude she has, hope she stops sending so many SMS to my brother, he receives one every day and is emotionally not stabled."

At this point, it can be sure that Gregory is feeling very down. When he accepted a phone interview, he admitted he has not recovered yet and still cannot contact Shirley. When asked about Shirley's 'pregnancy'? He said: "I am not responding, I am really unhappy right now. I don't want to hear things that I don't want to hear." As for Gregory's family, to prevent him from thinking too much, yesterday morning at 4am, they drove him back to TVB City to work on his new series. The cast to The Boxing King all comforted him, Gregory was very grateful: "I really want to thank Raymond Wong, Otto Chan and Tsui Wing. They chatted with me for a long time, I really appreciate their concern. (Shirley broke up with you several months ago, how come last month she still celebrated your birthday with you?) I went to work last night and everyone was shocked too because a few days ago Shirley still came to eat with me."

Although there are changes in the 9 year relationship, still need to continue down the road. Yesterday at 5am, Gregory and his father Ding Yeh appeared at TVB City. He bravely faced the media and accepted interviews. When asked if he knows Andy and if Andy is Shirley's old classmate? Gregory appeared very heartbroken and stressed: "I am not responding." Reporters asked again and again, he said: "I want to first get the details of the issue before I explain. Filming of this series is about to complete, I have no time to go find Shirley." Asked again if he believes Shirley is pregnant? He said in a weak voice: "I don't believe, don't believe."

Gregory expressed Shirley moved to Oscar by the Sea because it was convenient for her to go to work. Asked if he felt there was changes in the relationship at the time? Gregory said: "I did not feel it, she was still so happy asking me if I got enough sleep or had enough to eat. (What is the man's most pain?) I am not responding, after all we never had any arguments, I really don't know what's happening. I am just worried of her current condition." Currently emotionally unstabled, it seems as if there is no turning back for Gregory's relationship with Shirley, he will just have to accept the fact. However, he expressed he still loves her deeply: "No matter what, if Shirley needs anything, I will definitely go help her."

TVB executive Virgina Lok expressed she never heard of Shirley's pregnancy: "She's not pregnant, but she did tell me about the breakup. Their decision was made after careful thought, I hope their work does not get affected anymore."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel @ AEU

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