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Raymond Lam new rumoruted girlfriend Kibby Lau

Raymond Lam

After the relationship crisis with Mavis Pan, a new rumored girlfriend breaks out again for Raymond Lam. It was reported that the next day after his grandmother's funeral, he went to a nightclub in Lan Kwai Fong and got familiar with 'blueberry' Kibby Lau. He was dancing face to face with her, holding her hand and hugging her. However, Raymond firmly denied doing anything intimate with Kibby and stressed that it was just the camera angle. He then stuttered saying he's not familiar with Kibby.

Yesterday afternoon, Raymond held the autograph session to his new album LF. The event started 30 minutes later than the scheduled time, Raymond denied being late. He said he arrived at the shopping mall on time at 3pm. However, there was a road block outside causing a traffic jam, so he was only able to enter the mall after 10 minutes.

Asked about the reports with him and Kibby? He said in fact there is nothing to explain, don't let the words be intimidating. Raymond said that afternoon at 3pm, he and his colleagues had a meeting on his concert and the new album, but because the album was already completed, he received a phone call later saying that everyone will be doing a small celebration for all their hard work in Lan Kwai Fong. He just went and had a few drinks. That day it was Saturday, there were many TVB artists around, so he doesn't understand why only his photo was published.

As for being photographed dancing, hugging and holding Kibby's hand? He strongly emphasized that it was just a matter of the camera angles, he just chatted with Kibby. He reaffirmed that he was just there for a short while, nothing special and very normal. As this is his first time going to that place, he couldn't believe he was that lucky to get photographed. He joked that people rarely see him going out, so thought it was a big deal. If he goes more, then it be nothing.

It was said he kissed Kibby on the cheek? Raymond said he didn't and that everyone shouldn't make a fuss out of nothing. Will he meet Kibby again? He shouted with a smile, that's crazy, and then stuttered: "We aren't that familiar!" When asked why he had such a good chat with her if he didn't know her well? His face turned black and asked back: "How do you know I had a good chat? Just greetings. (Who initiated the greeting?) It just so happened we met. I have no other response, don't try to provoke more [questions]!" When speaking of Mavis Pan complaining about how his family was very fussy to her during a magazine interview? Raymond said he will not respond, he is currently focused on work.

Source: Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@AEU

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