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Vic Chou in film The Other Side 1945

Vic Chou The Other Side 1945

Home is not necessarily a place or a house, the most vital part of Home is the family. Wherever the family is, that is Home ... ... This is succeeding the classic "Radio will never disappear", another heavily invested production by Talent International Media Group to create one more epic psychological war drama. "The Other Side, 1945" presents a brilliant interpretation of Home. Starring Vic Zhou and Wang Xue Qi.

"The Other Side, 1945" is about the young Taiwanese doctor Su Tai Ying who, in the midst of the turbulent era, was mistaken as a Japanese soldier in China battling his own compatriots. Because of his longing for his home and his faith in his family, thus began the long and winding journey towards home. According to reports, the drama has completed shooting and is now in intensive post-production.

Star-studded cast Epic joint production

This time, the creative team of "The Other Side, 1945“ under instructions of Talent Media and under the guiding principle of “outstanding content, first-rate production quality, superb mass entertainment” invited popular Taiwan idol Zhou Yu Min of Meteor Garden, Jin Da Ban and other nationally hot dramas who convincingly portrayed Hua Ze Lei, Sheng Yue Ru and other characters to take the lead role. Female lead is Yan Na from Talent Media Company. Also in the drama is well-known veteran Wang Xue Qi acting as army commander and Yan Na’s father.

Remains true to history

Set amidst the backdrop of war, brutal fighting, brutal assassinations, the story begins with a single ordinary person, then deepened into historical and brutal war scenes, giving up survival chances to loved ones at the battlefield, full of political struggle, suspenseful spying, mistrusts, lovers forced apart, family rivalry, sacrifices for love, the sorrow of commander’s pregnant daughter who journeyed to reunite with her lover only to find him married to another, riches to poor overnight. Plotting out the emotionally intense story scene-by-scene which spanned from the end of 2006 to 2009, from Taipei, Keelung and Shanghai, after 2 years of study and historical research, interviews with senior citizens of both banks, recording their recollections, reviewing large collections of written and pictorial records, then using the unique TV medium to interpret the memories of that era.

Embracing historical facts, recording the passion of the past, we look forward under the drama’s powerful interpretation, the testimony of 1945 to 1949, testimony of that extraordinary period.

Translated by Vicfan at http://asianfanatics.net/forum/

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