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JJ Lin is dating with E Cup Beauty Lilian Chen

Lillian Chen Li Leng

JJ Lin JunJie's rumors with E-cup beauty and model 陳立冷 Lillian Chen LiLeng have been circulating for nine months; are they really dating? From the very beginning, the two have been evasive. Last night, however, they were finally "caught directly" on a date to the movies. When asked about their relationship, though, Lillian immediately became quite shrewish! First, she pretended to trip and fall, conveniently throwing the contents of her plastic water bottle at the reporter. Furthermore, following her "act," Lillian opened her eyes wide and blatantly lied(1): "Oh, I'm so sorry; I tripped." This sudden and rude behavior shocked even JJ Lin; when asked why his girlfriend lost control, he could only reply dumbly, "I don't know."

Relationship Exposed; Hurriedly Closes Photo Album

Last June, Lillian posted an intimate photo of her and JJ together; underneath was the caption, "Lillian loves Wine-Cooked Shrimp!" This, however, appeared to be a hint: wine-cooked shrimp is JJ's favorite. JJ's fans wrote numerous letters expressing their unhappiness and disapproval; Lillian then hastily closed her on-line photo album to the public. Since then, they've been very low-key and secretive; a few days ago, she was recognized at an audition for a program's host's assistant. She hid in the dressing room and refused to accept an interview or any questions. JJ, however, has generously admitted to earnestly pursuing her, and has expressed the hope that everyone give them some space.

Water Thrown in the Street; JJ Lin Stunned Speechless

On the night of the 13th, reporters caught JJ and Lillian at the Vieshow Cinemas in XinYip; they went to watch Red Riding Hood. The pair first browsed for DVD's at Asia1, on the second floor; before long, labelmates By2 and other friends showed up, and they went in to the movie together. Following the show, however, it seems that the observant JJ had noticed that there were reporters in the vicinity; he, Lillian, and the others first ducked into a safe corner to come up with a plan to avoid the cameras. When the waiting reporters rushed up to interview them, the five of them immediately-- in an attempt to ward off the reporters-- whipped out their own cellphones and began snapping pictures. Their actions were fast and deliberate; obviously, they've practiced this many times.

The reporter asked when Lillian and JJ's relationship would be made public; unexpectedly, Lillian began to lose control. First, she pretended to trip and fall, throwing the contents of her water bottle at the reporter. As she threw the water, she even giggled frivolously, "Oh! Look out; I'm so sorry; I'm so sorry!" and "I accidentally tripped!" She turned around to look at JJ, laughing, as she said these lies; JJ, however, didn't smile. Instead, he looked stunned.

Apology Posted on Blog

After he regained his senses, JJ immediately apologized on behalf of Lillian: "We're so sorry; we're so sorry." When asked why his girlfriend suddenly lost control, JJ responded dumbly, "I don't know." The reporters then asked Lillian, "JJ has already apologized on your behalf; are you going to say anything yourself?" She, however, kept a cold smile on her face, and didn't respond.

JJ, though, seemed to feel guilty and a sense of responsibility about the "incident." JJ went online at about 1 AM to apologize via his WeiBo, "I'm sorry... I know that there is also some responsibility on our side; we did wrong, too... I'm sorry." JJ's music company, Ocean Butterflies, also had something to say regarding Lillian's behavior: they expressed that they were not only sorry and embarrassed, but also a bit surprised. They also apologized again on their behalf: "We will continue to educate our entertainers."

Yesterday, a reporter contacted Lillian via her cellphone; upon answering and hearing the reporter's, "May I ask, is this Lillian?", Lillian quickly said, "You've got the wrong number," and hung up. When he heard that Lillian had lost control and thrown water at a reporter, producer Wang GuanWei, one of the only ones who have worked with Lillian in a professional setting, laughed loudly, "I'm not in the least surprised; she fought with me in the past, too." He admitted that, these days, in order to avoid destroying their [Wang GuanWei and Lillian's] relationship, he avoids bringing up JJ in front of her: "It could be because she's afraid that people will think she's trying to use him (and his status)."

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