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Ethan Ruan banned from drama Battle 714

Ethan Ruan Battle 714

Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan might have been crowned the Best Actor at last year's Golden Horse Award yet he received no love from his country's Ministry of Defence.

Ethan Ruan was not considered for the male lead role of an upcoming episodic drama Battle 714, about the founding years of Taiwan by the Ministry of Defence, because he had not fulfilled his military obligations.

To prevent any negative news, the Ministry of Defence listed several criteria in casting the leading role for the show. Some of the requirements include having a good and healthy image with no relationship rumours. Also, the male lead is required to have completed his military duties.

This meant that idols such as Ethan Ruan, Mike He, Ming Dao and Joe Cheng did not make the cut.

When asked when he would be entering the army, Ethan once said through his assistant that he would do so in September this year.

Mike He replied via his management company, saying that he is currently taking classes during the weekends and would fulfill his military duties once he graduates.

Ming Dao's rep commented that Ming Dao is very busy this year, although the actor has stated that he would want to enter the army as soon as possible.

Joe Cheng had previously said that he would be entering the army sometime this year.

Source : xinmsn.com

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