Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Mike He and Janine Chang bed scene in drama Sunny Happiness

Mike He and Janine Chang

In CTV 10pm Idol Drama tonight, Mike He and Janine Chang challenges the bed scene. He is exposed to like ‘frenching’ when filming kissing scenes, but actually he did not stuck out his tongue. His skills skills are superb and he can use his tongue to fake, filming the frenching effects, his tongue skills are thus shocking! / He was pointed to have declining popularity, this year he managed to clinch the top ratings with “Sunny Happiness”, winning back the top actor throne. His popularity also rebounced from the bottom of the well, with his events and commercials, he had already earned 20 million for the past three months.

Nervous Till it Shrank

It was very awkward before the two of them filmed the bedscene, she was to brush her teeth secrety, the vice director shouted “Janine Chang brushed her teeth secretly! It seemed that she anticipates the bed scene.” This made her very embarassed. When filming, in order to make them feel comfortable, they cleared the site, only leaving for crew and the director. After they filming, they realised that all of them were secretly staring at the CCTV, he said “it doesn’t matter who kisses well, as long as I am filmed handsomely.”

He shouted that there were no biological response, “because it was only kissing no touching, my brain was full of where to kiss next, so nervous till it shank.” He taught the steps saying that before the lips open and close, you stuck out a bit of your tongue, but actually you did not touch the person, “this can be trained”. Tonight, the full version of the bedscene would be shown. After “sunny Happiness”, “Mei Le Go” acted by him and Cyndi Wang would take over.

“Mei Le Go” Reveals his Buttline

He opened up his limits, other than showing his nipples and kissing erotically, he also had bedscene with Cyndi Wang. He described their bed scene as mighty fire wheel. He endorsed for a lip balm on the 19th, his popularity explosed the site. He said that last time the audience did not buy his bill, he was discourage, but he had already adjusted his mindset. He would film a movie next month, he decreased his pay for the good character. /His fee for attending an event is five hundred thousand and he has attended 15 events in the three months, four commercial endorsement at 12 million with a full pocket. He decides to go to army later than Joe Zheng and Ethan Ruan, he says “My work is scheduled to next year-mid, let him and Joe go army first, their work let me earn, after I go army the year after, it’ll be their turn to earn.”

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