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Aaraon Yan donates $1 Million NTD to Japan Earthquake

Aaron Yan

On the 14th, Arron Yan YaLun participated in Hit FM's White Day(1) celebration; he appeared as a "Piano Prince" and played with a group of kindergarteners. The children kissed him and praised his lips as "so soft!" Recently, rumors of Fahrenheit's disbanding have been rampant; Arron excitedly and proudly revealed that Fahrenheit will be appearing as a group on the 25th in Malaysia. They will be filming a commercial together, as well as appearing at a promotional event. The four will, together, be making more than $10 million NTD. It will also be the first time Arron is appearing with the other three Fahrenheit members since releasing his solo album.

Arron will be donating $1 million NTD, along with some basic goods and materials, to Japan's disaster relief efforts. Several Japanese fans actually traveled to Taiwan to participate in his autograph concert a few days ago. One of the fans was actually from one of the Japanese districts affected by the earthquake; because she had gone to Taiwan, she escaped the disaster entirely. Some of her friends and classmates, however, weren't so lucky: they fell victim to the tsunami.(2) Out of gratefulness, the fan's mother purchased 100 copies of Arron's album.

Arron consulted a "fortune telling" expert before releasing his album; he was told to wear all red on the day of his pre-order autograph concert for good luck. The weather that day really was beautiful. Moreover, when he was on his way to the event, riding the high-speed rail, media bigwig 邱復生 Chiu FuSheng saw him, but failed to recognized him, though he praised Arron as "good-looking" and even gave him his business card. Arron was struck and overwhelmed by his good luck; he felt he owed it all to his lucky red clothes!

(1) White Day is another Valentine's Day, celebrated by a few countries in Asia, mainly Japan, Taiwan, and S. Korea. Western Valentine's Day in Asia is a bit of a role reversal: girls typically give homemade or store-bought chocolates to their crushes. It's on White Day that the boys respond with their own presents.
(2) The article doesn't really clarify whether this girl's classmates were injured by the tsunami or whether they actually died... either way, though, presumably they were in school when disaster struck, which is why her mom is "grateful."
UPDATE: Arron confirmed the deaths of some of the girl's friends on a recent LIVE episode of Yu Le Bai Fen Bai [100% Entertainment].

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