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Barbie Hsu donates cash gift to Japan quake Victims

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiao Fei

Reporters were barred from entering the venue where Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and Chinese millionaire Wang Xiaofei held their wedding dinner.

However, shortly after the dinner commenced, Barbie's good friends and wedding guests including younger sister Dee Hsu, Kevin Tsai, Aya, Christine Fan, Blackie Chen and S.H.E member Ella Chen appeared to talk to the media.

Kevin, who was the host of the wedding, said that Barbie had chosen to celebrate the occasion with only 300 friends and relatives in the wake of the Japanese natural disaster.

The Taiwanese host further revealed that as Barbie's wedding planners were from a Japanese company, and the actress initially wanted to postpone the event. However, the company insisted that the wedding proceeded.

Kevin added that Barbie would be donating all the cash gifts she received to aid the Japanese quake victims.

Hsu Donates Money from Wedding to Quake Victims

Taiwan entertainer Barbie Hsu tied the knot with mainland restaurant chain heir Wang Xiaofei on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 with a lavish wedding reception. The couple planned to donate all the money they received to victims of Japan's earthquake, Sohu.com reports.

Entertainment reporters from all over China flocked to Sanya, a tropical resort city in the southern part of the country where the wedding was held, but were blocked from the reception, which was invitation-only.

Barbie Hsu's younger sister, Dee, who is also an entertainer, told the media at the after-party that the newlyweds hoped to do their part to help earthquake and tsunami victims.

It's a Chinese tradition to present money as wedding gifts. The proceeds of Hsu and Wang's wedding, although not disclosed, were considerable, given that attendees were either celebrities or wealthy entrepreneurs.

Dee says Barbie Hsu got emotional several times during the wedding, and when celebrated host Kevin Tsai, who took the role of the ceremony's host, asked Hsu if she'd want to marry Wang, her reply was, "I do, very much."

Dee also denied rumors that Barbie Hsu was pregnant.

The wedding has attracted intensive attention, since Hsu is a popular actress, singer and TV host, while Wang is a wealthy restaurateur and the heir of the South Beauty high-end restaurant chain.

Hsu, 34, reportedly met Wang, who is five years younger, on September 29, 2010. She surprised her fans one month later by announcing she was engaged. The couple registered for marriage in Beijing on November 16.

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