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Amber Ann sexy bursting in drama Love Buffet

Amber Ann

On the 27th, FTV & GTV's "Love Buffet" had a come back of 1.32 rating for the idol weekend drama winning spot, "Sunny Happiness" has been in the winning spot consecutively for 2 weeks with ratings of 1.21, even though TTV & SETTV's "Channel-X" cast Joseph Cheng and Amber Kuo are finally a couple, it is still not able to win back the audience, the last episode dropping below 1, only 0.95.

Even though "Love Buffet" is coming close to the end of the story, the next episode to be aired will include guest appearance of "Male Homebody's Female Goddess" Amber Ann, clever, in the drama play she has a crush on Aaron, purposely imitating female lead Reen Yu Hong Yuan; wardrobe, hair " Xiao Feng style ", with a "Moe (adorable or cute) Girl" flavor.

Thought wardrobe is similar to Reen, but Amber's D chest size is quite a "peak" ahead, acutally nearly bursting the tight shirt, causing all male staff on the set including Arron to be really shy, saying didn't really know where the eyes should look upon.

Although its the first time collaborating, Arron has already heard of the charm of Amber Ann; and is also a loyal audience of "People Party". But when Arron first saw Amber Ann on the show, he thought she was a little boy, and just though he's very elegantly handsome. After being together, Arron's thought of Amber is a very naive & and warm silly personality; getting along with no pressures.

Source: Yam NOWnews
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

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