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Angelababy safe from Japan Earthquake


With the devastating news of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, yesterday came more news of explosions in the nuclear power plant. Angelababy was in working in Japan at a time of the incidents and managed to safely leave the country to return back to Hong Kong yesterday afternoon. However currently holding a concert in Japan, Peter Ho cancelled his show and worried about his fans safely.

Angelababy arrived back in Hong Kong around 3pm yesterday. She wore a black outfit and dark sunglasses. She received interview from the press, she revealed: “I had been working in Japan and I got home that day and felt the ground shaking. I could not even stand up properly and was very scared. I lived on the 4th floor, my colleagues pulled me down the stairs and we ran out onto the road. I saw the overheard power cables sparkling electricity. There was a lot of people out on the road. The phone networks were down. I managed to use my 3G phone to log online and then found out there were an earthquake. Two of my colleagues accompanied me to a hotel at the end. I could not sleep that night. The television showed the tsunami reports and the quake clips in the city. It was like watching a disaster film.”

Due to the telecom networks being down, Angelababy’s manager Kim managed to get in touch with Angelababy via their Japan contact and asked Kim to contact her mother about her safety. Asked if Angelababy contacts boyfriend Xaio Ming Wong? She replied: “I have only just arrived back, not had a chance to make a call to him. I will do later. Yesterday I was eating chocolate and biscuits.”

After watching the tsunami clips, Angelababy expressed her fear: “I did not dare to take my shoes off even when sleeping and held onto my bag. I was thinking if god is making me experience this for a reason. I now appreciate life more. At the time, I was thinking whether I would die in Japan.” Asked if she now has a bad impression on Japan, she replied: “It is not the first time I experience earthquake in Japan but this time it was big and scary.” Who were you thinking about at the time? Angelababy replied: “I was thinking about my family.”

After returning home, Angeleababy has been using her Weibo account to send messages to her friends and fans. She posted messages for everyone to pray for those caught in the disasters in Japan and Yunnan. In one instance, she posted a message: “Haha. This is just a joke. I am sitting on the chair and its vibrating! The feeling is actually from a massage chair ...” One of her account followers angrily scold: “There are lives at risk here, how can you laugh and make jokes at this time!” After this comment, Angelababy removed her message.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated By: Elvina Chang @ TVB News World

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