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Raymond Lam

The night before, Raymond lam opened the first show of his 4 show concert, inviting Kelly Chen, Kate Tsui, Wong Cho Lam and Ron Ng as his guests. He also had several sexy female dancers around him, making the fangirls in the audience scream in jealousy. During the encore, the organizers broadcast Raymond's MV with the 15 Miss Hong Kong contestants. During the part of the MV when the contestants' numbers were shown, the audience area was not affected and continued to enjoy the MV.

After, Raymond accepted an interview backstage, he also announced that his new album reached platinum album sales. He exposed himself that he's bad at remembering lyrics, the captions machine encountered some problems during the concert, he teased himself saying that he's "second headmaster." Speaking of the Miss HK getting booed, Raymond expressed: "I onlt heard loud sounds. (Consider cutting that part?) Ask the producer, but then I don't have anough time to change my costumes?" Reporters insisted on the question and asked 3 times again, Raymond begged for mercy: "Don't force me, I didn't watch the clip. (Especially filmed for the concert?) I think so, it's broadcast for the first time. (It has all the contestants' numbers and names in it!) Really? Then when I appeared in the MV, did they show my name?"

Don't know how to sing Linda Chung's songs

Asked why he didn't select rumored girlfriend Linda Chung's songs to sing? Raymond said: "I don't know her songs, I am personally not familiar with any girl songs. (Did you buy her album?) She didn't give me one!" Asked if he invited Linda to come watch the show? He said: "I invited many colleagues from TVB, but didn't give face."

Speaking of a Macau fan buying his concert ticket from a stranger and got scammed, Raymond said: "If I had a ticket, I would give it to them. We all should really buy tickets from an official seller. What I really don't like is people getting my signature who don't really like me, using my tickets to make profits. Anyone who wants my signature can get one from a public event I attend, anyone who wants to see me can join my fanclub."

Also, for the part where Raymond invites a fangirl to go on bed with him on stage, Fans sitting in the audience shouted: "That's too over!" ("tai gor fun")

As the guest, Kate expressed: "I lost 5 pounds, it's my real self! Didn't use any 'red-bean pudding'. (Not afraid of exposing yourself?) I have done all the preparations."

Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translator: aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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