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Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen in movie Ji Lang Qing Chun

Huang Xiao Ming

New movie "Ji Lang Qing Chun" produced by John Wu held its opening ceremony at China Diaoyutai State Guesthouse yesterday. The chief producer John Woo together with leads Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen as well as many other important casts all graced the ceremony. Though he was very tightlipped regarding the plot, the reporters still managed to understand that the love story will involve scenes of Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen being very intimate. Joe Chen will also boldly wear bikini in the movie.

According to the introduction, "Ji Lang Qing Chun" is a story based on dragon boating with an aim to show the Asian Games spirit of determination and optimism. Dragon boating is a traditional China sports where many Chinese will come together, work together to push forward. This movie will be a story on youth and dreams, set to encourage and inspire people. Huang Xiao Ming will star as a sportsman while "Idol drama Queen" Joe Chen will have some scenes in hot bikini outfit. Her character is in the national dragon boat team and Huang Xiao Ming will be the coach cum boyfriend that encourages her along the way.

When discussing the character, Huang Xiao Ming revealed that "Tian Hua (Male lead's name) is a near perfect man that all females and even males couldn't help but love. He had initially rejected this role "It was a too perfect character. I really didn't know how I should act. In "Summer's Desire", Luo Xi was already a very perfect guy but it turned out that this character was even more perfect." As for Joe Chen, although she will have lots of water sports scenes in "Ji Lang Qing Chun", she's actually fearful of water in reality and has been training on a daily basis now. She can row 1km without stopping now but the intensive training has caused bruises on both her arms and legs. She had originally planned to wear a dress for the opening ceremony but to cover the bruises, she had to switch to long pants. With regards to this collaboration with Huang Xiao Ming, Joe Chen is anticipating the different kind of sparks and when asked if her first movie on-screen kiss will be given to Huang Xiao Ming, she smiled and revealed nothing.

The whole ceremony had a very serious atmosphere and both leads departed soon after the group photos. At the end of the ceremony, when John Woo accepted the reporters' interviews, he expressed that both Huang Xiao Ming and Joe Chen are younger actors and actresses that he really likes and he believes that they have the ability.

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Source: UDN, Hunan, Xinmin

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