Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Jolin Tsai wait apology from Jay Chou because Patty Hou

All Jolin Tsai is waiting for is an apology.

That was what she said in an interview for a Taiwanese talk-show.

Jolin and Jay Chou's rumoured romance has been the talk of the town and their recent collaboration at Jay's concert gave reporters fodder to speculate a reunion.

While neither party has ever admitted to their relationship, Jolin did a rare tell-it-all session during an interview with veteran host Matilda Tao.

"The period of hating is over," Jolin said.

She revealed that it took her one year to get over the break-up - Jay was said to have broken up with Jolin for Taiwanese host Patty Hou.

She then added that Jay has yet to apologize to her for this.

Jolin's honesty incurred the anger of both her company and Jay's reps; and Jolin was reportedly barred from taking on any more interviews. However, the reps from Jolin's company denied the interview embargo.

Jolin appeared for an event recently and when reporters mentioned the interview with Matilda Tao, Jolin immediately changed her tone and accused the media of sensationalizing the story.

Then how does she feel about spending Chinese Valentine's Day as a singleton?

"I hope I'll get to spend my Valentine's Day next February with a boyfriend. I've got quite a few prospective suitors lately!" Jolin quipped.

Who are these suitors?

"I'm not saying anything this time!"

Source : xinmsn.com

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