Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

Newcomer Lala Hsu second album Limits

Singer-songwriter LaLa Xu 徐佳瑩 (Xu Jia Ying) will be returning with her second album titled “Limits” on September 3rd. After a year that included a much-publicized breakup, followed by a win at the Golden Melody Awards for Best Newcomer, her new release will summarize experiences from her first year as a singer. Despite the success of her debut album, the former One Million Star winner had doubts about herself at one point. LaLa Xu later took a 10-day vacation in Japan which helped to change her way of thinking. She also got hooked on Facebook around the same time and recovered from her breakup with the support of netizens .

After all the recent events, she said, “When confronting difficult hurdles, as long as one is willing to take the first step, looking back at it now, there’s nothing that can’t be overcome.” LaLa Xu revealed the title song “Limits” was written during her most painful time. She was unable to continue after writing the line "My limits is here" and left the rest to her company. The lyrics reflect her feelings at the time, “Abandon the painkillers, intersect with memories head-on, I still insist on not crying until I get home.” But she joked, “My next challenge to the ‘limits’ is maintaining my figure.”

source : http://www.cpopaccess.com/2010/08/lala-xu-takes-her-music-to-limits.html

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