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Juno Mak girlfriend is his MV female partner Janine Dai

Juno Mak Janine Dai

Since Juno Mak's debut, he has always been accused to love Gillian Chung (Ah Gil), rumors lasted for a few years. Ever since Ah Gil's jobs increased, her friendship with Juno started to drift apart, rarely keeping in touch in their personal lives. Then there were rumors that Juni and his old MV female partner, Janine Dai, a mix Chinese-Caucasian. Because at the time, Janine had a Western boyfriend of several years, it was quite difficult for Juno to pursue her. So after two weeks of dating, Juno quickly announced to the public who his girlfriend was.

Sends girlfriend home to get dressed up

Recently, [Oriental Daily] discovered that Janine has already been 'promoted' to be called "Lung So" (Mrs Mak) in just the short period of two months. Juno and Janine moved in together in the 100 million luxury home in 56 Repulse Bay Road. Janine were spotted going home on a taxi, when the taxi was prepared to drive into the main entrance, the security opened the gates for them and waved to Janine, treating her like a resident at the area.

After 3 hours of entering the home, Juno was seen heading out to his company and setting love sparks with his girlfriend. Back in his company, Juno told his driver to pick up the all dressed up Janine from the house so they can meet up. At 7pm at night, Juno held onto Janine tightly as they go for dinner in Causeway Bay. Janine changed into a red transparent top with a black skirt, but she kept her jacket over her that she was wearing throughout the day.

Company no marriage restrictions

As for thr reports that Juno used his fans to help him propose to Janine, asking them to put up banners saying "Marry Me", the media asked Juno about this to confirm. He just laughed hearing the question and did not answer. Janine let out a sweet smile. When the couple were leaving the restaurant, reporters asked again about their marriage. The couple smiled together and Juno said to reporters with concern: "Watch Out! The floor is wet after the rain." Later, reporters called Janine and asked again about the marriage rumors, she said over the phone: "Haha! Where did you guys get that from? (Juno's fans helped him propose to you?) We have not really taled about this topic yet, but thank you all." She reveals that her modeling company does not have marriage restriction policy.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: aZnangel@http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

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