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Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls in Canossa Hospital

Gigi Lai

Last Saturday (7/24), Gigi Lai gave birth to twin girls and has been resting in Canossa Hospital all last week. Yesterday afternoon, at about 3:10pm Gigi appeared looking like a happy mother and wife, she did not lose the pregnancy weight yet. Under the protection of 10 security personnel, two nurses, three female friends and TVB executive Virgina Lok, Gigi accepted an interview from the media. Her husband Patrick Ma Ting Keung was no where to be seen.

At around 2:55pm, Virgina Lok appeared entering the hospital, clearly going to pick up Gigi. 10 minutes later, the main character Gigi appeared wearing a comfortable white long dress. Gigi was immediately surrounded by the media, wearing light make-up, she smiled and waved at reporters.

Gigi accepted the media's interview alone, her husband Patrick and her two twin daughters did not appear, but she had more than 10 people around her for protection. Gigi said: "The older daughter already went home, the younger one needs to remain in the hospital for a little more before being discharged. My husband is home looking after the baby."

After leaving the hospital, does she have to go back and forth to take care of her two daughters? "Have to look at my physical status. If I can, I will come back to the hospital to see my younger daughter because I just really miss her. (Have you given them a name?) For now we have not decided yet. Let my husband handle it all. (Will you try for a son?) Never thought about it, thank you all for the concern. (Did your younger brother Lai Ying see the twins?) Not yet. Thank you all for being at the hospital for the last few days, it's hard work, sorry about that."

Gigi reveals that she's breastfeeding the twins, so the most important thing is her health. Once Gigi finished her simple and short 5 minute interview, she got into the car and left the hospital with her body guards.

According the previous news, Patrick said that the oldest daughter is 6 pounds, while the younger one is only 3 pounds. Currently the younger daughter has to stay in the hospital for oxygen support, she can only be discharged from the hospital when she reaches 5 pounds.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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