Selasa, 10 Agustus 2010

Jolin Tsai sexy hot pants in single Honey Trap

Jolin Tsai

The highly anticipated music video of Jolin Tsai's latest single, "Honey Trap" will finally be released this coming Tuesday. Jolin specially invited a Korean MV director to film this MV. Usually, Kpop artists allot two full days to film a music video, but due to Jolin's tight schedule, she could only spare a day. After 25 hours, Jolin danced for over a hundred times, where her body finally gave up and she had to take three hours of rest before continuing. She completed filming the MV as scheduled and even the Director commented, "Do Taiwanese artists all work this hard?"

In the MV, Jolin plays a trendy robot, purchased and brought home by the male lead of the video. The male lead thought he could control her, but Jolin turned out to have her own feelings and so she started doing the Voguing dance. Upon seeing the finished product, Jolin smiled, "After dancing for over a hundred times, at least it didn't go to waste. This dance is very unique and interesting. It can also be a form of shoulder muscle therapy if you can master it."

Jolin changed three different sets of clothes for the MV and even wore hot-pants, but she spoke truthfully, "The clothes this time are quite revealing. I like it a lot, but only for photo shooting and MV. I just don't dare to wear them outside!"

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