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Nicholas Teo new drama Nu Wang Bu Xia Pan

CTV took a break from idol dramas after the miserable Scent of Love ended two weeks ago. The network will return with a new offering in mid-September called 女王不下班, which literally translates to “Queen Not Getting Off Work”. The drama stars Nicholas Teo (張棟樑), Hsiu Chieh Kai (修杰楷), Lee Kang Yi (李康宜) and Cynthia Wang (王心如). They met with the press last week to introduce their characters.

Actress Lee Kang Yi is returning to TV for the first time since her Golden Bell-nominated role in 2008's Justice For Love. In the new drama, she plays a clever prosecutor who is also the eldest daughter of her family. In contrast to her character, Lee Kang Yi is actually the youngest at home and said her “Big Sis” role will present a new challenge.

Having just completed Rice Family, Hsiu Chieh Kai moves on to play Lee Kang Yi’s boyfriend in the new drama. He is a manly cop who wears nothing underneath his bullet-proof vest (okay, that was solely based on the press event). The actor said he had wanted to play a cop ever since he took part in Black & White. Much to his surprise, the new role is a combination of both “Hero” and “Ruffian”. In an attempt to display his “manliness”, Hsiu Chieh Kai said he did as many push-up’s as he could before stripping down in one scene.

As for Nicholas Teo, he is also returning to TV after a long hiatus. His character is a rich man surrounded by women because he just can’t say no. Nicholas Teo faced his first challenge already when he had to be filmed while driving a Hummer. Operating a vehicle doesn't sound very difficult, but the only problem is, he drives on the other side of the road back home in Malaysia. Filming went on till 2 to 3 am for one scene in which he was required to park the massive car.

Source: Chinatimes, Chinayes, Nownews
Written by: PA @ CpopAccess.com

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