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Timmy Hung feels Fala Chen's bra scene is not a big deal

timmy hung

Timmy Hung and Andy Hui were at the Tsing Yi Sports Ground yesterday and played on behalf of the Dawn Star soccer team. Timmy's performance was courageous and during the fight for the ball with the other team, he fell down. Timmy's partner Andy Hui said that he's not fit enough.

Towards him falling down during the game, Timmy did not give up: "Kicking ball is like that, I don't mind. Most important is happiness! Andy and I are pretty compatible. (Andy said that he's not fit enough!) Maybe he's implying that I'm not fit enough. Actually I already played a game before this, the opponents were in the army. I think I had enough exercise for today. (How do you feel about the Fala revealing bra scene in 'The Stew of Life' becoming a hot topic?) Actually many people saw it! I feel that it's really nothing, it's not like she was in a lace bra and it wasn't anything like porn. She also did not reveal anything really, how come bikinis are acceptable then? Hong Kong is quite conservative, whatever angle we use to look at this, it is all our personal issue. I'm saying we are not trying to win the ratings and made Fala reveal anything."

Andy expressed: "I need to lose some weight, it's not for our 4 good brothers (Edmond Leung, William So, Hins Cheung) concert, its me personally who thinks I'm not fit enough. But for our concert, we still have not decided on several things, for the title I hope there is some uniqueness, could be called the Oldies Team!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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