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Suki Tsui takes wedding pictures, increase in cup size & appears to be pregnant

suki tsui

Suki Chui was rumored to be getting married because she carried a child, next month she will be marrying her boyfriend Kenny Wong (Wong Ho). It was said that on the 3rd of this month she held a wedding banquet inviting close friends and family.

Suki and Kenny took wedding pictures yesterday and it was seen that Suki's stomach was getting bigger, revealing that she's pregnant, she also increased her cup size. She would sit down to take a rest from time to time, but she still does not admit she is pregnant.

Suki tried on 4 wedding dresses, while Kenny attentively took care of his soon to be wife going in and out. Suki exposed that when he was watching her change into the wedding dress, he would get a flowerly mouth (flirty), she said: "He praised that I am really pretty and that besides being happy that he found something tasty to eat, he also is happy to have found a good wife." When the couple were requested to play mouth to mouth games, Suki went and gave Kenny a peck on the cheeks, making the groom embarrassed.

Suki seems to be a little tired, she said: "At this time, I'm usually napping." Asked if theres a change in her sizes? She said: "It is just the angle of the pictures you guys take." She frankly said that getting ready for her wedding feels like a long break.

As for her selection of wedding dresses seems to all completely cover her stomach, she denied that she needed changes made on the chest and waist areas of her dress, but she did expressed that she is not pregnant. After marriage, she will bring her 3 cats to live with her and also expressed that she may be living with her in-laws.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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