Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

Myolie Wu as JSG guest host; her dressing shocked Chilam

myolie wu

Myolie Wu was the guest host for Jade Solid Gold (JSG) today. Her see through1 dressed shocked Chilam Cheung.

Myolie Wu jokingly said that she did check out herself in front of the mirror at home to see whether it was too transparent or not. However, because there weren't much lights at home like in the studio, she did not know her dress was so transparent/see through.

There were rumors that she "self-recommended"1 herself to film a movie with rumor boyfriend Bosco Wong. However, Myolie clarified this by saying that all her jobs were/are being arranged by the company. It is impossible to "self-recommend".

Source: Ming Pao Daily
Translated by: Stephy Wephy @ AsianFanatics

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