Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009

Leo Ku received a 7 figure sum as the spokesperson for "Cup noodle"

leo ku

Leo Ku received a 7 figure sum for being the spokesperson from Nissen Hop flavor cup noodle in Hong Kong and Japanese hot star Takuya Kimura is the spokesperson for Japan. Leo was doing the commercial under the hot weather and he almost fainted. He had to keep eating ice-cream to cool down.

Leo was filming on the roof top in Central Pier with 40 other artists. It was 30 degree and everybody was sweating. Leo, in particular sweats a lot, he kept wiping off the sweats, and he nearly got sun stroke. Leo expressed "I have to eat ice-cream continuously to cool myself down." Leo was filming for 12 hours that day, he had consumed 10 cup noodles but he never complained. He reckoned as long as the result of the commercial was good, he didn't mind that. Leo also sang his new song in the commercial.

Source: Wenweipo
Translator: R.E.D @ http://www.asianvn.com

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