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Gillian Chung to do her 5th comeback work, back into the Film Industry

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Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi finally "got back together" as TWINS appeared on stage together secretly and surprised attacked Joey Yung at her concert. This attracted screams from the crowd in shock. Turns out that Ah Gil is not temporarily not working on something related to Twins, but on a new film produced by Chapman To. She will soon be the female lead for the new film, heading for a strong future battle back into the Film Industry.

Been on hiatus for a year, Gillian finally came out of the shadows successfully. March of this year she officially announced her comeback and earlier she asked Master of Musicals Phoebe Chan to mentor her on acting, and was offered a role in a musical. Quite satisfying. Yesterday she again accepted to participate in Chapman To's produced film "Former" (前度) as the female lead, which will start shooting in December. This will be her 5th comeback work, in order for Ah Gil to do her best, she had meetings with Chapman to discuss about the best candidates for the male lead, she also contributed her opinions.

This time for Ah Gil's comeback, EEG has invested a 7 figure sum for its production and also invited Chapman to create a customized role for her. According to sources, the candidates for the male lead will include Ken Hung and William Chan.

The other night Chapman was promoting for the new film, he personally confirmed that they have already made the final decision to have Ah Gil in this film. He said: "Ah Gil is the female lead, the male lead has not been decided yet. The story talks about Ah Gil as a former girlfriend, and the love story with her ex-boyfriend. (Does the story resemble her love life in reality?) I don't know about that! This movie is Ah Gil's comeback in the film industry, she is very nervous about it, always calling me to discuss about it. I hope for the best as far as the story goes and the candidates for male lead. She is becoming well prepared for this and this makes me feel emotional."

TWINS makes a comeback on stage

The film has not finish pre-production yet, but the other night Ah Gil went to enjoy big sister Joey Yung's 10th anniversary concert. Besides sending flowers to big sister to congratulate her with good sister Ah Sa, at the end of the concert, during the Encore, TWINS surprise attacked Joey on stage, running up for a tight embrace. Joey was shocked on the spot and shouted that she's very emotional to see Twins, so the trio quickly embraced. Joey also told Fans below the stage: "Everyone must support Ah Gil, okay?" Audience saw that Twins finally made a comeback on stage, the crowd screamed and heavy applause was heard.

Also, at the end of the concert during the Encore, Joey was singing and dancing and got really high that she didn't notice that her belt bucket got loose. When she noticed, she yelled out "Aiya" then said: "So bad lah! How come no one is looking at me and it's recording too!" One audience member shouted back: "Let it go again!" Joey then whined back: "I don't know when it came apart, unless I sing the song all over again, no way."

Ah Gil's schedule (quite packed):

- Earlier she did a musical and an advertisement
- Soon she will be shooting another advertisement for a French watch brand.
- A show in the United States and Mainland.
- Next year, she's going to appear in a Taiwanese Idol Drama and make a comeback into the film industry.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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