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Cyndi Wang opposes the sweetheart image kissing

cyndi wang

Cyndi Wang and Rainie Yang have been fighting over the throne for the queen of sweethearts, Cyndi after leaving from her original company, had been silent for the the last 2 years, only returning to the idol circuit now. Starring in Momo Love, this Sunday it will confront GTV drama "Hi My sweetheart", making every effort to change her luck, on one side she is passionately kissing Jiro Wang and on the other she is being passionately kissed by Calvin Chen. In the drama there is kissing non- stop, taking drastic measures hoping to combat TV ratings.

Confronting an old enemy calls for drastic action

Yesterday Cyndi and Calvin were in Su-Ao seaside shooting the kiss scene, but as there were a lot of of people watching they felt embarrassed. With lips on top of each other, the guy unconsciously rushing it, the girl also feeling embarrassed, when Calvin started to tilt his head down, Cyndi would burst out laughing making the scene fill with laughter.

Cyndi after leaving her old management company went silent for 2 years, this year she opened her own company becoming her own boss. Taking on the drama "Momo Love" with the pairing of Jiro and Calvin it was going to be her 1st project for her comeback, but the ratings for the last two weeks weren't going as expected. This Sunday it will compete with Rainie Yang's "Hi My Sweetheart", both of them in the recent years have been fighting to succeed the throne to be the queen of sweethearts. Cyndi once again comes face to face with her old enemy, the drama crew had no choice but to take drastic action, first having her kiss Jiro again and again, and now even Calvin doesn't escape.

Changing in the same room, Jiro denies not getting along with Wu Chun

Fahrenheit recently held concerts and at the same time the rumor had burst out that Wu Chun was flying solo and as a result this was said to of made Jiro angry at Wu Chun. Yesterday Jiro explained " Backstage of the concert, Wu Chun and I shared the same resting room, we would get changed and chat at the same time feeling very high, how is it even possible that am angry?" Calvin jumped out to resolve the situation, showing the SMS that was written in English with encouraging words that the 4 members of Fahrenheit sent to each other.

Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

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