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Stephy Tang doesn't learn declares to enter Hollywood

stephy tang

After Stephy Tang had her incident "typo story" (mistakes in her book), she gets severely criticized once again for her poor English. There are Netizens who said earlier when Stephy and Justin Lo accepted an interview in English at a television station, her responses were not so good. Yesterday Stephy plans to came up with more excuses.

Recently there are Netizens on Facebook critizing Stephy's poor English at an interview in English that she attended earlier, saying that her responses were "grammatically incorrect and level is bad" Yesterday Stephy explained: "The interview is not that recent, I'm not unhappy because it's a generous criticism." She explained that the interview was "too sudden", couldn't handle too well. Also English is not her mother (1st) language, but she will try her best to improve for the future.

At yesterday's event, Stephy suddenly declares: "My goal is to enter Hollywood!" Good friend Kary Ng who was right next to her could not help but laugh at her comment, she told Stephy: "Wah! I really admire you!" Stephy expessed that it's a goal, English is an international language.

------- Stephy's language mistakes...

In 2007, Stephy had a blog in English and at that time she was criticized by Erica Yuen that her English was bad. At the time, Stephy insisted that theres no homework to turn in for Blogs, so a few mistakes is normal.

July 2009, Stephy launched her romance novel <陪著我走>, in more than 30 pages of the book, there were already nearly a hundred typos. Stephy then defended herself saying that she's new to Mandarin pinyin, leading her to choose the wrong words. She also depended too much on the spell check. However, Stephy did apologize for the mistakes and launched a new corrected version.

[The Sun] Earlier a clip of Stephy and Justin's English interview from the film festival was uploaded on Youtube. There was someone who asked her about her special outfit, Stephy stuttered in her response: "I am very thanks them!"

Netizens criticized her saying that her English skills are even worst than an elementary student, Justin giggled a bit! King of Tutor Richard Eng said: "There are 3 mistakes besides grammatical errors, 'very thanks' is just the direct translation from Cantonese, it is Hong Kong English! I suggest the phrase be re-worded to: 'I thank them very much!'"

Source: Mingpao, The Sun
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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