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Barbie Hsu new boyfriend Shone An

Barbie Hsu and Shone An

After a failed romance with Vic Zhou , are things finally looking up for Barbie Hsu in the romance department?

Taiwanese artiste Barbie Hsu (also better known as Da S) has been single for more than two years following her separation from Vic Zhou in Jan 2008. The 33-year-old actress was recently spotted in the company of Shone An, a member from the now-defunct pop group, Comic Boys.

The pair was seen chatting and holding hands as they made their way to Shone's birthday celebration.

Although Barbie instinctively pushed her cap down to shield her face when the both of them discovered the presence of paparazzi, she did not shrink away from Shone's side and continued holding onto hand.

When the photos surfaced on the internet, Barbie commented on the Chinese micro-blogging platform, Wei Bo, and wrote, "Shone, we were followed! Our photos were snapped and there are even rumours! I really look like your aunty..."

In response to Barbie's statement, Shone replied a few minutes later saying, "You don't look like an aunty. You are a hot babe."

Barbie's manager, Dou Dou, refuted allegations of a blossoming romance between the pair and expressed, "There shouldn't be [any romance]! The both of them are just really good friends who have known each other for many years. It was Shone's birthday and the both of them happened to be in Beijing and met at the party.

"His relationship to Barbie is similar to his relationship with Ady An. They are like siblings!"

Commenting on the part of Barbie and Shone holding hands, Dou Dou explained that Shone was merely being a gentleman "taking care of Barbie who injured her hand during filming".

"Barbie was in Beijing to treat her hand. She will continue filming in Hangzhou today," the manager added.

As for the pair's constant exchanges on Wei Bo, Dou Dou chuckled, "It's [Barbie and Shone's exchange on Wei Bo] not very frequent and only happened over the past few days. As they are both in Beijing and have met up with each other, there would naturally be more exchanges!"

Negating on the possibilities of a romantic relationship between Barbie and Shone, she revealed that the company is also waiting to hear good news from the actress on her love life.

"But there is really none now!" Dou Dou replied.

At a press conference for Reign of Assassins held a few days ago, Barbie expressed that she has "Yet to meet the right person". When asked about her ideal boyfriend qualities, the Summer Scent actress said, "I do not care about status, nationality, or age. As long as he is right, things will work out."

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