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Rainie Yang becomes sexy in Singapore Indoor Stadium Concert

Rainie Yang Sexy

A girl's got to grow up, and Rainie Yang is one that's doing so.

The singer, who is well-known for her cutie-pie image in the mandopop scene, wants a breakthrough come October at her concert in Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Speaking to xinmsn during her concert promotions in Singapore last week, Rainie revealed that she would like to present a sexier self on stage.

"After seeing some of my Taipei concert's performance clips, I felt that I wasn't sexy enough! I've decided that I want to challenge the limits of my sexiness during the Singapore concert."

Ten years into her entertainment career, the starlet is finally staging her first full-scale concert in town, following her first one at Taipei in April this year.

Dubbed as Rainie Yang's "Yi Xiang Tian Kai (fantasy imagination)" concert, the singer is sparing no efforts at letting her imagination take flight.

With a variety of costume changes in the concert's lined up, the pop singer promises a visual feast; a fairytale-like "Ali-Baba" inspired get up, loud neon clothes made of pink hair wigs and a creative furniture-meets-fabric fusion "crystal lamp" dress, just to name a few.

So, how will Rainie exude her sexy charms?

Pausing to ponder, the singer continued, "I can only depend on the gaze of my eyes! Considering my figure,'s not possible [to look sexy in that way]... (laughs self-mockingly) Real sexiness comes from a combination of one's gaze and voice."

While she's preparing to wow local audience with a fantasy-like concert, Rainie confided that the concert bore more significance that one would think.

For one, the title of her first concert reflects Rainie's career as a versatile artiste, having shown her fans a mirage of persona from her performances as singer, actress and host.

On the other hand, "Yi Xiang Tian Kai" is the 26-year-old's way of redressing unsupportive comments lashed out by critics during her rookie years.

Reminiscing on her past, Rainie recalled, "During times when I wasn't look upon highly, people told me 'You want to hold a concert? You're indulging in fantasy!' Hence, calling my concert "Yi Xiang Tian Kai" is to prove that my thoughts are not 'fantasy'."

Indeed, the starlet has all the reasons to be taken seriously.

Recently nominated for her role in idol drama Hi My Sweetheart in the upcoming Taiwan Golden Bell Awards, Rainie Yang will be up for running in the Best Actress category. Her co-star, pop singer Show Luo, is also nominated for the Best Actor Award.

On her nomination, Rainie expressed joy, but emphasised that she harboured no ambition to clinch the tile. Instead, she hopes that her co-star would receive ample recognition.

"Show Luo have to win the award! I really feel that the [drama's] character was made for him. Without him, there won't be a second person who can portray the role. He's deserving of the award," said Rainie excitedly.\

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