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Jolin Tsai new boyfriend badminton player Vivian Dawson

Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson

Jolin Tsai's badminton date with new boyfriend

Following speculations of the pop princess's new romance with New Zealand model Vivian Dawson, the pair was sighted playing badminton together

Is Mandopop princess Jolin Tsai ready to go public with her latest squeeze?

Unlike her previous romances, Jolin is seen openly with rumoured new lover, New Zealand model Vivian Dawson.

According to a close-friend of the starlet, "Jolin plans to give it her all in this romance. She's not afraid of anything."

The voluptuous Mandopop starlet has also reportedly hinted at her newfound relationship recently, telling reporters to "give me more space", when questioned about the romance.

Having only touched down in Taipei after ending her promotional trip in China last Sunday, Jolin was immediately seen with Vivian - playing badminton on the same night.

The pop princess is apparently good at playing badminton - another sport she enjoys besides bowling - and often spent time playing the game during outings with close friends.

Ever since news of her alleged new romance surfaced weeks ago, the pair's relationship has been the talk of the town.

Despite being under intense media scrutiny, 30-year-old Jolin and 26-year-old Vivian continue to meet up frequently.

When asked by reporters what he thought of Jolin at his management office yesterday, the 1.9m tall model responded: "She is very nice!"

"Do you love her?" probed reporters.

Upon hearing the question, a visibly nervous Vivian laughed while answering in English yet again: "She is very nice!" and proceeded to escape into his office.

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