Kamis, 20 Mei 2010

Show Luo concert in Taipei Arena with Sammi Cheng

Show Luo Sammi Cheng

With a 3D video as prologue, amidst the anticipation of everyone, in an explosion, Show Lo appears on stage, standing still for 30 seconds, enjoying the screams of tens of thousands of fan.

This being his second ticketed concert at the Taipei Arena, "Dance King's" confidence and momentum was on full blast. The comedian who had octopus poured all over his head is now a page of his career in the past.

After 3 consecutive concerts in Hong Kong, Show Lo's "Wu Fa Wu Tian" Tour kicked off the first night of the 3 concerts in Two days in Taipei. With an additional $5 million expense, giving everyone in the audience a $30 value polarized 3-D glasses. He opened the concert with a string of dance songs, setting the tone with "dance," complicated and powerful dance moves, fulfilling the message on the flowers from good friend Jay Chou, "Let All of Asian Know, Dance King is Here."

Show Lo has a background in hosting after all, interacting with a fan girl, making her feel like he was doing this for her. And during the talking, he would add in jokes and gags, humor to the end. Because Golden Melody nominees had just been announced, he was afraid that his fans would misunderstand so hurried to clarify that his album was only released at the beginning of this year, so they didn't apply this year, not that he didn't get nominated, "You, who have come to watch my concert today, you're all my my Golden Melody Awards."

The dance king invited Sammi Cheng as guest, who will be holding a concert on July 3rd. In the afternoon, she went to the Taipei Arena straight from the airport. The two, though unfamiliar, sang "Mei Fe Se Wu," and had the whole venue completely pumped. Sammi said, "We're not quite familiar with each other, so I came to make a friend." Show then followed with a big hug that could pull them closer. This afternoon, and tonight's concerts will have pop queens Elva Hsiao and Amei Chang as guest.

Pop queens who didn't make it were present in Show's imitations. He imitated Amei's "Huo," Elva's "Shan Shan Re Ren Ai" and also gave Jolin's ribbon dance from "Wu Niang" a whirl. Jolin sent a floral bouquet on on the card she jokingly wrote, "Please respect the ribbon, treat her well." Show also played the drums, the piano, and violin. In just one concert, Show Lo embodied the ambition of positioning as a king of pop.

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